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Laid Bare

Want to know what's in your food? Ever wondered why pizzas from one place taste so different from another? Well chances are it's not only how it's cooked, it's what's being cooked in the first place. We love it when our customers tell us how thankful they are for trying us and how they'll never go back to the large chains again. We're confident on the quality and value of our pizzas compared to the big chains and most of that confidence comes from the knowledge of the freshness of our ingredients. 


We've been thinking for a while now about how best to demonstrate this to you and decided the best way was just to lay out what's in our food and more importantly what's in theirs! 

So below you'll find a table with it all laid bare, we look forward to serving you soon.

(If you have food allergy or intolerance, please contact the restaurant for advice)

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